BIMA Virtual Lifesavers 2020

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The British Islamic Medical Association runs Lifesavers in order to educate and facilitate local communities and individuals with the skills they need to perform CPR.

In the past, this has meant working with teams of volunteers and mosques to directly deliver CPR training in-person. Alhamdulillah, 2019 marked an exponential expansion of our scheme, as we reached out to a total of 114 mosques and trained over 4,000 members of the public in essential life saving skills.

Key to the success of the program is our network of volunteers of whom collaborate to co-ordinate and train teams of mosque leads and volunteers to deliver the training on the event day.

Despite the recent pandemic, we’ve opted to continue with the program, re-configuring our delivery to overcome COVID restrictions. Our volunteers have been working hard to formulate the best possible learning strategies to continue to unite and inspire our community.

By employing a virtual platform, we insha’Allah aim to continue to provide the same invaluable training in a slightly different way.


The Virtual Context

Relaying our CPR training online means that no matter where you are in the country, you can access life-saving training from the comfort of your own home.

In doing this, we hope to not only overcome COVID practical constraints, but ensure that regardless of personal situation or location anyone and everyone can benefit from learning life-saving skills.

In challenging ourselves to devise a practical and effective way to remotely teach CPR skills, we hope to lay the foundations for future online courses and continue to unite, inspire and serve the community in this turbulent time.                                

How it’ll Happen

The training will be delivered via Zoom, on the 26th of September after Dhuhr prayer.

By utilising Zoom’s Breakout room feature, we’ll create small groups to ensure that we successfully teach and deliver the training to all participants.

The training will focus on three areas:

  • CPR
  • Recovery Position
  • Management of choking

The session itself will take an estimated 90 minutes to deliver and will provide a comprehensive overview in line with the British Heart Foundation Heartstart programme.


In bringing our training online and continuing to teach in smaller groups, we insha’Allah hope to provide an opportunity to bring our community together and benefit from life-saving training.

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