BIMA National Conference 2022

Our highly anticipated, 1st in-person conference since 2019 will be taking place in Central London on Sat 5 Nov 2022.

This year the conference will explore a wide range of topics around the theme of Our Future Health, including the following:

  • Future technology (Dr Junaid Bajwa - Microsoft, Dr Imran Qureshi - Amazon)
  • Management, power and responsibility (Dr Mateen Jiwani - BT Healthcare)
  • Our International NHS family (Charlie Massey (GMC - CEO), Matthew McCelland (NMC - Exec Director), Duncan Rudkin (GPhC - CEO), Dr Latifa Patel (BMA - Chair RB), Dr Sherifat Kamal (PDA))
  • Mental health: reclaiming the narrative (Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba, Dr Ahmed Hankir)
  • Muslim women in leadership (Sofia Odugleh, Dr Hina Shahid, Nadia Bukhari, Dr Hafsah Qureshi)
  • Journey to the Light (Peter Sanders)

Furthermore we have an array of breakout sessionsfor delegates to explore their interests. You will be able to attend two of these only. These include:

  • Smart Money: Planning for the future 
  • Tech entrepreneurship
  • Home-schooling the future
  • HCPs guide to managing Ramadan with chronic conditions
  • Developing a positive presence on social media
  • Lessons from history: How you could be the next Al Biruni

*Your choice of breakout sessions will be granted on a first come service, we will endeavour to at least give you one of your top 3 choices. This is not guaranteed though.

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Conference Programme

8.30 - 9.00 Registration and Breakfast

9.00 - 9.10 Welcome and Introduction to Conference (Dr Sharif Al Ghazal, President of BIMA)

9.10 - 9.15 BIMA and the future (Dr Qasim Malik)

9.15 - 9:50 Keynote 1: Future Technology - How far is too far? (Dr Saira Ghafur, Dr Junaid Bajwa, Dr Imran Qureshi)

9.50 - 10.40 Keynote 2: Who's the boss? Management, Power and Responsibility (Dr Mateen Jiwani, Dr Hiba Saleem)

10.40 - 11.00 Mid morning refreshments

11.05 - 12.05 Our International NHS Family: No time for Complacency (Charlie Massey (GMC) Matthew McCelland (NMC) Duncan Rudkin (GPhC), Sherifat Kamal (PDA)

12.05 - 12.45 Journey to the Light (Peter Sanders)

12.45 - 1.40 Lunch and Dhuhr

1.45 - 2.45 Breakout sessions:

  • Developing a positive presence on social media (Dr Faraz Ali, @RazTweets)
  • HCPs guide to managing Ramadan with chronic conditions (Dr Nazim Ghouri, Ammarah Dabhad- BIMA Ramadan Compendium Team)
  • Home-schooling the future (Rukhsana Shaheeduddin)
  • Lessons from history: How you could be the next Al Biruni (Dr Ahsan Zaman, Islamic History Channel)
  • Smart Money: Planning for the future (Ibrahim Khan, Founder Islamic Finance Guru)
  • Tech entrepreneurship (Abdurahman Abbas, Founder PillarsApp & MedMentor)

2.45 - 3.15 Exhibition, Tea and Asr

3.15 - 4.15 Keynote 3: Mental health: Reclaming the narrative (Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba, Dr Ahmed Hankir)

4.15 - 4.35  Mid afternoon refreshments and Maghrib

4.35 - 5.15 Keynote 4: Muslim women in leadership (Dr Hina Shahid, Sofia Odugleh, Nadia Bukhari, Dr Hafsah Qureshi)

5.15 - 5.25 Closing remarks Dr Wajid Akhter

Conference Details

Poster Competition

Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Details to follow. 

Exhibition spaces

Sponsor spaces are available. If you would like a place for commercial or promotional purposes please email [email protected]

Free Creche

Limited spaces available with DBS registered childminders for children aged 2 - 12. 
Please do not book more places than you require, and please only book if you intend on using a free creche place. As places are limited, there will be a charge of £100 for any spaces that are reserved but unused. Food will not be provided. If you book a creche place and would like to cancel before the 19th of October 2022, please email [email protected] If creche places have filled and you would like to add your children to the reserve list, please email us. Please read the terms and conditions at the final bookings page. 
The creche agency: Little Hens Child Care,


Energiser breakfast, mid-morning refresher, sandwich lunch (chef’s seasonal recommendation served in artisan bread and wraps), and an afternoon refresher will be provided on the day as part of the admission ticket. 
(If you have any food allergies then please email us at [email protected], so that we can provide you with the list of potential allergens). 

Prayer Facilities

Will be available throughout the day.

Conference Sponsor: Wahed 

Wahed is an online Halal investing platform that's making investing in line with your values more accessible, easy and affordable to everyone.