Economic CRG Activities

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These are the list BIMA has played an active role in the Economic Community Response Group (CRG),  please note that this is a summary of the work involving many organisations and individuals. Given how many activities were undertaken during the pandemic it is possible that many things have been missed out from this list.

  1. Gathering a range of experts on Economic impact on Muslim community and working out what can be done to mitigate this.
  2. Providing assistance to mosques to help them connect to available grants for support.
  3. Collating information on available support to those who are self-employed and sharing in a poster format.
  4. Collating information on what economic support is available during the pandemic and how to access it + sharing it via poster.
  5. Get financial support during COVID-19 infographic created that gives different advice for employers, self-employed, employees and mosques/ charities.

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