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Answering The Myths

Click on the myths below to find answers from experts, revealing the truth behind each statement.

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MYTH: GPs are making a lot of money from COVID vaccinations: Explained
Myth: COVID is caused by the 5G network: Explained
Myth: COVID deaths are being exaggerated: Explained
Myth: The COVID vaccine ingredients are haraam: Explained
Myth: vaccines contain aborted foetal cells: Explained
Myth: vaccines are being used to chip and track the population: Explained
Myth: vaccines are unsafe – that is why no pregnant women were in trials: Explained

Myth: Pharmaceutical companies are all evil, so we can’t trust them: Explained
Myth: The vaccine was approved too quickly to be safe: Explained
Myth: The vaccines may modify your DNA: Explained
MYTH: PCR is inaccurate and overestimating COVID infections: Explained
MYTH: The inventor of the PCR test said it was not made to detect diseases such as COVID: Explained
Myth: we should just wait for herd immunity: Explained
Myth: a nurse took the COVID vaccine & died on camera: Explained

MYTH: Vaccines contain alcohol & therefore are impermissible: Explained
Myth: vaccines contain pork or other animal derivatives: Explained
MYTH: The COVID vaccines can give you COVID: Explained
Myth: COVID vaccines can make you infertile Explained
MYTH: Catching COVID after having the vaccine is proof they don’t work: Explained
MYTH: You don’t need vaccination if you already had COVID: Explained
Myth: If I decide not to take the vaccine, it does not affect others: Explained
MYTH: I’m young & low risk so the COVID vaccine isn’t for me: Explained
MYTH: Only the really sick & elderly are dying from COVID: Explained
MYTH: There are health professionals who object to the COVID vaccine: Explained
MYTH: Vaccines should be 100% safe before being released to the public: Explained

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